Nikita and Daniel are two brothers born in Russia in 90’s

Russia in 90’s was not a greatest place to be 

and that made them young risk-takers and dream chasers.


Together they created their fashion Atelier KTV brothers in sunny Sicily. 

Where they combine the cold Russian character and premium 

Italian Fashion touch. 

But why are they so special?

All the pieces of clothing  that we create are made by hand in manufacture in Sicily and 

this is our unique signature. This is what you can see on our garments. 

The Premium extraordinary feel and look.

But how it all started…

Daniel was driven by passion for music since he was kid, he started to rap at 11yers old. 

If one describes Daniel with one word it is “troublemaker

When he got 18 he got famous on Youtube and on the streets of home city with his music. 

He starts living his RockStar lifestyle. 

Nikita,  the Older brotrher is anything but “standard

He moved to Italy  where he had great passion for fashion and new fresh styles in it.

Did not take long when impulsive and  unpatient  lifestyles of both brothers got them in trouble. 

Nikita the older brother got into prison for his living on the edge.

While younger brother Daniel got in a trouble with a law and had to take off for a long travel across the world, to escape the same outcome as Nikita.

After all, dangerous chapters for brothers were over and It was time to change everything!

That is when Korotkov atelier was born.

Clothing pieces we create, carry our character and reflect the wild and untained spirit.

Far from looking like other brands. We came from the crazy life and we found structure in it.

Now we are the only brand that complete production process takes place in Italy- from first cut through stiching to last zipper and tag. 

This is what makes us outstanding and exeptional. 

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